Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Disney World Sketches

So my family and I just got back from Disney World, which is one of my all-time favorite places to draw. For me it's kind of like training camp for the sketchbook artist. EVERYTHING you could probably ever hope to draw is there. You have at your constant disposal architectural and design styles from every continent, as well as from the past, the present, outer space, and even the fantasy world. This is one place where you can feel like you're drawing an abandoned 1930's Hollywood Hotel in one moment, and only a short stroll from there you're drawing a life-size Star Wars At At. Different nationalities, styles of dress, foods,  languages, modes of transportation, styles of construction and design, from every locality both past, present, future, and imagined, all converge in this place. It's like high intense cross-training for me as someone who draws in a sketchbook. At times it's a very challenging drawing situation, especially when you consider that the common denominator among all these worlds is the strollered two-year-old. But I enjoy the challenge, and this is the 4th time I've had the opportunity of drawing Disney.

Each time I draw here, I probably experiment a little more with the subject, trying to capture what it is I like about Disney, and not necessarily trying to provide a general all-around tour of each park and each resort. Except for a couple drawings of Cinderella's castle which I drew while waiting for the fireworks, some might not even recognize these as drawings from Disney World. But I drew what I drew most oftenly because these are things which I recognize and enjoy each time I come here. Sometimes I just draw something too because it's convenient and I have the time, I might be waiting for food to come or something, but I almost always fill that time in with sketching, even though that might mean sketching something which doesn't necessarily appeal to me visually.

So without further ado... posted below are some of the sketches. You can find the whole set of them here in my Flickr blog. 66 67 77 83 87 89 91 94


  1. Amazing drawings!
    I really like the way you draw, in small moleskine (I suppose), with very interesting transparencies between pages. What kind of pens doy you use in a daily basis?

  2. Thanks Nelson!

    I've been using the Moelskine notebook, the one that's about 5X9, and my favorite all around pen are the faber castell Pitt pens. The only thing I don't like about them is they seem to run out somewhat fast. I've been using a refillable lamy safari recently too, and I like it, but I can't say I like it as much as my normal old pitt pens. I've been tending towards the medium size with a fairly thick lines, when I use thick lines I tend to do a better job capturing the light the way I want too.