Thursday, February 14, 2013

In The Back Pocket of My Moleskine

The little talked about back pocket... In mine I usually keep all the little scraps of paper that make up parts of my everyday life. Here I have plane/train/subway ticket stubs, mickey mouse stickers I aquired in Disney World, some dental X-rays I got in the dominican republic (I was thrilled that they actually give them to you there!),  a leaf from an uva de la playa, a tiny feather, drawings my niece and nephew did (they're awesome artists), menus, a coaster from a resort, a drawing of leaves my wife did, some paint and countertop samples, and sometimes I even keep receipts from places I want to remember. I love opening up books from years past and taking a look at all the little scraps I keep in them. It brings back such vivid memories.
So, what do you keep in that little back pocket?

In the Back Pocket


  1. I have a little of everything and a lot of the same as you. + Doodles from my work (including from boring meetings). I imagine always that I will use them somewhere in my sketchbook. But it's rare that happens!

  2. I actually glue larger envelopes in the back of my handmade journals, Chris...and they're full of the same kind of stuff! Little treasures...