Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More from the right side of the brain...

I must say that although I enjoy doing these drawings, and I feel satisfied with the results, I do not feel the same kind of emotional attachment to the drawings themselves as I do ones in my observational sketchbook.
 With these it's all about the process as opposed to the finished work. I enjoy working this way. It is as if my hand and my pencil are in control and my mind is just along for the ride. Many times when I begin these drawings I have no idea where they will end up. I usually start out with a pair of eyes and let it evolve from there.
I wish i could say that in this sketchbook I have no preconceptions, no rules or boundaries. But the truth is that I'm extremely critical of what I draw here. On many occasions I spend much time on a drawing only to cover over it with paint, something I would almost never do in my observational sketchbook. Some of these pages have 6 or 7 rejected drawings under the layers of paint. But since I have no emotional attachment to them it's easy for me to simply forget them and start over again.

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