Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Imagination versus observation

01 by Sketchbuch
01, a photo by Sketchbuch on Flickr.

I find it helpful to have two sketchbooks going at all times. One book is dedicated to observational drawing of people, places, and things which are part of my everyday life, while the other book is for drawing completely from the imagination.

This one is from my latest imagination book, the mr. hyde to my dr. Jekyll.

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  1. Have you tried keeping them all in one sketchbook? Especially when you travel - it might be hard to keep them all together...

    I've been struggling with where to keep imagination drawings (they were always on separate pieces of paper and quickly lost) - and decided to keep them with my observational drawings - in the same sketchbook. And at first I was happy that I could come back to them, I even started to scan and post some... but now it feels strange to open the book and start sketching - like I am in different place so to speak - no matter what I want to draw - the other stuff is interfering... may be I will split to two books and see what happens...